Property vs stocks 🏡 📈

It’s also worth remembering that Boris Johnson will say literally anything at this stage if he thinks it will make the other tories vote for him :laughing:


Something like 0.5% of homes in London are long term empty, I’m not sure making those available on the market would have a huge impact on property prices overall.

A world exists outside of London so a change in the stamp duty tax would help people like me out a great deal so i would welcome this. But like Dave says above Boris would say anything I just hope he’s a man of his word as he’s likely to win the premiership.

Watch from the 9minute mark.

Real Estate rental income vs. Stock dividend income

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Around the 19 minute mark where he talks about auto reinvest, is more or less what I’d like. His broker, M1 Finance’s portfolio balancing looks very helpful.


I watched but wasn’t sure of the point. What was your key takeaway?

Subletting is also a real issue in PCL.

I have personally had the displeasure of dealing with various ‘companies’ attempting to rent our properties for their ‘employees’ which you will later discover are being advertised across for extortionate rents to unsuspecting Tenants.

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Is that actually such a big problem? Can’t you make serious cash doing these kind of short-term lets?

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It’s a sublet and often not permitted within the terms of the lease.

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Then you have agents’ fees, landlord’s insurance, maintenance of the property… the net yield is not likely to be close to 33%.

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Here’s the paywalled article with Cornwall, Cheshire & Norfolk real estate agents words:


Is it stupid of me to feel as though this is like handing already well-off people a free winning lottery ticket? …you know, for all the people with spare land laying around why not throw a £600k house on it… that should surely help people get on the… the… the… the landowner.

I may be wrong. It just seems like an absolute godsend for the landowner.[How to make money from building in your garden]

An over populated little island between mainland Europe and America wheres there is a lack of homes for all those people how can you not make money in property. Entrepreneurs will be very creative and use any loophole possible to make a fast quid from building in a garden to lease option agreements.



Do you want to comment on the reason for moving away from the buy to let portfolio? I was thinking on actually starting a portfolio once I save myself enough for the deposit. This way I would diversify from stocks and crowdfunding, to a more stable and reliable investment.

I know this personal finance, individuals have different circumstances, but I just wanted to have counter arguments from my view.

Personally, the margins are becoming too low for the stress/risk element.
That being said, if you can get the numbers to add up and are happy long term hold would do well as always a need for BTL.
But I guess really it comes back to what others have said, 4.5-5% in banks no headaches. Maybe 7-9% (and that’s based on outdated mortgage rates) in buy to lets but constant phone calls, maintenance, changing legislation etc.
Also factoring in the CGT aspect, which could be changed and become more unfavourable hanging as another potential risk aspect.

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I think housing will be the last to go - the thing people cling to.

When it does, imo, it’s going to hades.

Its very illiquid so that forces people to hold on for longer than they might if they could have sold quickly.

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I’m selling one but given its a leasehold and I’ve just finished a 4 year battle with 2 tribunal visits its not necessarily instructive.

My main concern, which PM truss will probably override, is the EPC requirements coming downtime line.

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