Propifi Capital on Crowdcube


“Propifi is launching an online Peer-2-Peer property crowdfunding platform that combines leading-edge technology with an experienced team in property finance to solve the shortage of credit availability for developers, and provides access to high return growth opportunities for property investors.”

Led by an experienced management team
A combo of FinTech, Property and Lending – trending investment sectors
A disruptive tech roadmap, typified by the crypto enabled Propifi app
Launching in an unsaturated, growing UK market currently worth £4.5bn.

I don’t have a Peer-to-peer in my portfolio yet. I’m just wondrin’ if anybody else is interested? Any opinion that could make me jump in or stay away from this? :thinking:


Their team looks solid, valuation is still high and that’s after they dropped it, and they’re very early stages for instance they mention FCA registration on the roadmap.

Everyone claims to have a crypto strategy these days :thinking:

(Alex Sherwood) #3

I hate to say it but that’s a huge red flag for me. There’s been far too many companies that’ve cashed in on the crypto hype & not delivered much of substance over the past couple of years, in my opinion :grimacing:

(Alex Sherwood) #4

Having said this, I’ve now read their pitch deck which is available on their website & the crypto element is a wallet

which will also allow Crypto conversion allowing customers to store and sell currency worldwide and invest with Propifi directly from the wallet

so that’s much less concerning than a company planning an ICO, for me at least.

I’m not quite sure why they feel it’s necessary to offer a wallet themselves, rather than simply enabling buyers to use cryptocurrency from other wallets on their platform but there we go.


I’m not sure why they have added a extra step at all. What benefits do they gain from using crypto over fiat?


Thanks for your inputs, guys. What makes me hesitant to jump into this one because aside from having an experienced team, almost everything else is still on the way. I’m also concerned that they dropped their valuation just like that. I mean, even for a novice like me in investing, I would have expected for a company to be confident with the info that they release. I still find it attractive so I might just put £100 instead of £1000. :grin: