Ok slightly different, this company doesn’t technically exist yet, but Naspers is a South African company that is spinning off its investments (splitting into a separate company, listing this on the Dutch stock exchange, and maintaining 75%, i.e. 25% free float stock).

Estimated to have a market value of $100bn, the company is being spun off as it has bloated Naspers’ market cap ridiculously, largely “down to the purchase in 2001 by Naspers of one-third of Tencent, a Chinese group best known for its ubiquitous WeChat app, for $32m. The 31% stake it still owns is now worth $133bn.” (Economist).

Think it would be good to get opinion on this ahead of its potential listing :slight_smile:

I would certainly like to see it on the platform!

Updated to Prosus - listed investment arm of Naspers. Holds 30% of Tencent, listed on Euronext in the Netherlands. In the news as they’re trying to acquire Just Eat