Provide additional info on Review Order screen

Currently, when buying an ETF, all you see on the Review Order screen is Freetrade’s “friendly name” for the ETF (+ the icon of the ETF provider).

Just like when you’re buying a flight and you want to be totally sure you’re buying what you intended before you click Buy, it would be useful if the Review Order screen could also include one or more of the following (preferably all of them):

  • ISIN
  • Full name of ETF/security
  • Ticker on exchange where ETF/security is listed (+ exchange itself)
  • Existing holding in ETF/security (if applicable)

PS It would also be good to have the ISIN on the face of the regular ETF/security details screen. :blush:

Once it reaches the queued status, it would also be good to see the ÂŁamount that you specified when placing the order initially.

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