Pull to refresh on individual stocks for on demand prices

I think it’s time to provide some on-demand share price details. A pull to refresh on individual stock view controller would be a massive plus for user experience and will actually work in favour of retaining your user base as an added benefit.

As a user
Given I am looking at a particular stock page
I want to see the right price for the stock I am buying
And want to be able to update outdated prices
When I pull to refresh on an individual stock

Now I am sure hitting api’s and cost is an issue, but on the stock list view / view controller it’s probably safe to keep the current 15-minute tickers, but when wanting to trade it is a real pain in the butt to see delayed prices.

if this issue is enough reason to want me to look around for alternative trading providers, im sure it is enough reason for others too.

Perhaps something to consider?

Series A - Time to pump the gas!

On Halifax when buying / selling you get to see the exact price offered and given a short time to confirm / reject.

You mean halifax app?

I use Freetrade for investing, not trading. This means I don’t miss live prices. I think you’re right jig_r that there’s a cost to real-time prices. When offered, please make it an optional add-on (e.g. subscription).


There is not a major difference between investing and trading. In both instances you are buying something at a price which you believe allows you to create returns. It does not follow that stocks will always rise in price and that, therefore, investors should be price insensitive. I care very much what price I buy anything for, even if I am ‘investing’.

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I agree, I think this is sorely needed.

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I agree with the above, It doesn’t really matter if you are “investing” for a longer period where you just dump an amount into a company and leave it there without caring about the pennies, or whether you are day trading. The freetrade app is most definitely not designed for day trading as of yet, and for the record I am not using it for day trading.

The pennies add up, especially when you are investing in higher quantities, and it makes a difference.

It is important to have right prices at the right time especially in the business of stocks regardless of the game you are playing.

There’s a reason why shop keepers never let me take a freddo when it was 10p for free after buying a multitude of sweets. That 10p seems like nothing, but it actually matters. Fast forward to now, That 10p is worth 60p to the shop keeper now, and that would have been the shop keepers loss.

Inflation is real, and it is something to take into account with long term investments too.

A penny saved, is a penny earned.


Perhaps it’s just me then, who when investing, doesn’t look at the prices?

I guess people investing in individual stocks might be more concerned but who really checks the prices of ETFs when they’re buying, except to make sure they have enough cash to make the purchase?

I see a difference between investing and trading because I’ve never done the latter. However, I understand that some users would like to trade on :freetrade: so perhaps this could be an optional add on.


I guess an overall perspective of the user base could be concluded to:

User base A:
People who invest a set amount each X period, and it doesn’t matter what the price is at the moment. These are the everyday investors who are looking to utilise the option to be able to invest who do not do it frequently enough for the real time prices to make a substantial difference to the portfolio.

User base B:
People who invest into individual stocks on more frequent basis where by the real time prices make a difference to the portfolio.

And from the above feedback it seems it would be great as an optional feature.

It might be safe to say that this is where freetrade’s subscription plans / account types come into play.

As it isn’t a must for all users, it could be a good addition to include in the non-basic account types as an incentive to want to upgrade their account for added benefit.

This way Freetrade benefits as a company by incentivising users into upgrading their account types, which is equally as important.


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It’s a good user story, and pull/refresh is a good design pattern, and retaining customers and making money is a Good Thing :slight_smile:

But I’m not sure if the user need has been established that strongly? Freetrade primarily wants to serve a market of people who haven’t invested much before. Do we know that they have umm “price sensitivity” like that? I don’t look at prices (like @weenie), because I believe that to the average retail investor like me the market looks fairly efficient.

I also wonder if fractional shares will make the price of a security less important. Investors will be buying £50 of Amazon and not looking at its price. But again, I’m guessing and some user research would shed some light. (As the userbase grows user research will become increasingly important, and votes on this forum a weaker signal.)

The Halifax sharedealing website. I suppose for £12/trade it’s the least they could do…

I didn’t say I don’t care about the price at all. It’s live pricing on demand that doesn’t matter (i.e. this idea). I generally buy in the free batches at 4pm, so the exact price when I place that order is not relevant.

I research my buys, and valuation is an important point. The price having changed by a few pences makes no difference to my decision to invest.

There are significant differences between investing and trading… one works, and one doesn’t (for me). :upside_down_face:

That’s perfectly fine looking at the suggestion from a personal frame-of-reference. What is currently working for you, is already in place in the application, and that is great news!

With suggestions, it’s important to try and consider all types of users and consider solutions from multiple frame-of-references based on those types. And then consider the needs from those perspectives, and focus on what is missing from the UX rather than to solely focus on what is currently working in order to improve Freetrade as a platform.

After all, one customer is not all customers, and all of Freetrade’s customers are not all customers.


Agreed. My point was that rather than increase the price for everyone, that “When offered, please make it an optional add-on (e.g. subscription).”.

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Why make it an optional add-on? People benefiting from this service will already be paying the £1 or €1 per trade. They’re hardly going to want the live pricing when they’ve no idea what price they’re going to get at 4 with a basic trade? I’m an investor too and I’m saying that and I largely won’t be waiting until 4


That’s a very valid point!
Instant Buy already as an associated cost. I did not consider that too.

Product Owners @ freetrade do ya thang haha

Why? Assuming that providing live prices will incur an additional cost to Freetrade, I think it’d be better if it were paid for by those who want it, rather than by increasing the price of individual trades for everyone.

It is speculative that it would result in the increase the price of instant trades

Yes, we are speculating on an idea… Assuming there is a cost, then it needs to accounted for somewhere, eventually. Live price subscription is how it works on IG, for example.

Maybe limit orders would go a long way to address the underlying concern here?