Quick tool for seeing a company's recent dividend payments?

Does a tool exist that just let’s me put in the stock code/name and it just gives me a quick glance of dividend histories? Or, is there a stock site that lists this info in an easy to find/interpret place?

I’m new to this and the sites I’ve been bumping into so far always seem to hide the info behind multiple clicks/screens. Perhaps I’m just being unlucky but thanks in advance for your help!

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This is how the dividend overview looks like in Wallmine:

Still a few clicks, so I would try it out first


Yahoo finance doesn’t have the best interface and can be a little clunky, but in terms of free and good coverage it’s a nice stop gap until you find tools you prefer.

For example this is Lloyds Bank’s dividends over the last five years.


Under statistics you can see the dividend yield too.

To see the actual dividend payouts after searching for a stock or ticker, select the historical data tab, and then change the options to show dividend only and the time range you want. 5 years should give you plenty!

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Haven’t seen these guys before, this is way cleaner. Thanks, I’ll give them a go and see how I like it too!

Joined wallmine yesterday, already very impressed! Thanks for sharing this, didn’t know I could see this view.

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I use dividendmax.com. It has always been extremely accurate. Just signup a dummy email address for a month.

Also try dividenddata.co.uk - very good easy to read information.

DividenMax is great, but I would suggest paying for it if you use it on a regular basis!

If everyone just set up dummy emails, it may disappear!