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it’s on LSE but does any no-commission trading platform in the UK actually offer it?? can’t find it on Trading212 either, but have seen in on HL.

I’ve invested in Rainbow Rare Earths through spread betting. Would much prefer to invest in them on Freetrade platform though.

Are we able to get this on FT please?

Rare earth metals are mainly found in China and this explorer/producer is one of the few outside of China. Rare earth metals are needed to make magnets and various electronic components… magnets will be needed in large volume in EV motors

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Hey everyone, we’ll assess this stock for liquidity and inclusion on Monday.


Stock live now. :+1:


Hi Viktor, it seems greyed out in both ISA and general view when I go to buy.

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Same here

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Hi Victor, it seems to have disappeared completely now! Could you investigate?
Thanks Nick