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Well to anyone one here who held through the difficult last few months, hopefully today’s jump is the start of better (more stable) things to come and higher production!

This has been one of the most testing positions in my portfolio for sure! :sweat_smile:


Yep, continued to average down now finally back in the green! :raised_hands:t3:

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Good day today as the turn around continues to gain momentum!

Joined you in the green today spearear off the back of this update, what a couple of weeks it has been! All being well the hedge should be cleared by Christmas and better saleable copper prices can be achieved next year!

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You just about beat me to it :smile:

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What u guys think? Is it good time to buy or better to still wait?

Definitely in my opinion but do your own research; I’m 20% up but a couple of months ago sitting on a big loss.

Discord Has a good community of RMM PIs

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As Spearerear says DYOR but personally I am very optimistic the worst is now behind us. Once the hedge is completed, which should be in Q4, there should hopefuly be some strong profits starting to be generated. Hopefully as this happens the copper price remains resilient.

However as with any underground mining operation you can never say for sure what is round the corner.

Very positive updates today.

Robust and improving, high quality, geological resource
• Established mine in favourable jurisdiction
• Operating platform now created to deliver sustainable
production - never been done before
• Exposed to full copper price with opportunity to strategically
sell forward``
• Cash positive operations, now including sustaining capital
• 2022 guidance of 7,000 tonnes payable Cu
• Potential for ore sorting in 2023
• Exploration potential, on top of existing 400,000t Cu resource
• Studies to potentially more than double current production
• Significant value upside

I was on the investor call this evening as well. The highlights were that we are now cashflow positive, which includes funding of development. As such they don’t expect to need to raise cash again via dilution. Ore sorter said to cost $8 million and take about a year to install. Gold assays are imminent and TB plans to attend and present at two conferences in Q2. Monthly production updates will continue. Overall the call was very positive, and had a much better feel than the December call.

Very happy with my investment here. It hasn’t performed well over the past year but now is the turning point in my opinion.


This share has been battered recently due to a weaker copper price and an institution dumping millions of shares. The institution appears to be finished now.

However Toby did an interview on Friday talking about a variety of things. Plans to list on the Canadian stock exchange in the future as well as potentially trebling production.


It was also mentioned that the mine is now producing at an annualised rate of 8000 tonnes of copper per year. This would mean a big step up from the figures posted for May. June results are imminent.

Market cap currently 33 million. There are explorers years away from a producing mine valued higher than this.

I’m heavily invested here and whilst the weakness in the copper price does concern me I think this company has a bright future.

Always do your own research.

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Painful day today on this Xenor!

Desperately need to see some costs to (hopefully) provide some reassurance. Become overweight on this which looks to be a precarious decision at the moment!

Yes. Very painful. It’s the worst RNS I have ever seen and this is the second time this year they have announced needing funding in advance and crashithe share price. The first in January of course.

I am going to be honest here, I sold on Monday morning for an average of 10.5p. I have taken a massive loss in £ selling at -66% but I simply don’t trust the BOD any more.

All the positive news, the recent interviews suggesting everything is looking good. And then this. I’m angry.

I may return once they tell us WTF is going on but for now I can’t afford to risk what capital I have left.

I hope you haven’t lost too much in this as well.

Sadly I have, although currently unrealised. Rambler isn’t totally to blame for that either as my poor portfolio allocation is equally to blame that has left me vulnerable to this kind of disaster.

I’m going to sit tight and see what happens, whether that’s a clawback on some of the losses or ride it to zero. Currently it is looking like a very very expensive lesson learnt.

Despite me now burying this position in the bottom of the drawer it still plays on my mind how such a disastrous RNS could be produced after the positive newsflow…struggling to make sense of it in the absence of any further newsflow from RMM!

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Yeah my allocation here was foolish too. I was 100% in at one point. Reduced it to 70% in May to derisk a bit. Then the company went and released some highly positive interviews in August and I went back up to 80%. Now this. I don’t understand it and none of it makes any sense.

I pulled out at such a high loss because there is something going on here that we’re all clueless about and I had to protect what I had left. I would rather pay 15p to get back in with certainty of what is happening than get in at 7p today.

TB needs to go, or be fired. Because as the CEO this is all his fault.

I hope it the situation isn’t as bad as people fear so that you can get your money back, and so that I can get back in and attempt to claw some back. Are you on the SDSG Discord group? There’s a well researched and supportive group on there and we’re all angry.

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No I’m not on the SDSG, I tend to watch from the sidelines on LSE and ADVFN and pick out the useful comments (often very rare!!).

Because there is so much that doesn’t make sense I am hopeful (possibly false hope) that despite there been near term working capital issues that it can be overcome…although the copper price seems to be relentlessly kicking us whilst we are down. No doubt a placing is going to form part of this new capital structure and how big it is will dictate what’s left for current shareholders to salvage. All will become clear in the coming weeks I guess!

I think there will be a debt restructure with some equity, but how much dilution remains to be seen. I don’t trust the BOD after that RNS, almost feels like something they aren’t telling us.

LSE and ADVFN are terrible places. Full of trolls with an agenda. I can get you an invite to SDSG discord if it interests you. Some big holders on there and friendly discussion is encouraged.

Would be appreciated if you could mate.

I’ll PM it.