Rambler (RMM)

This company operates mines in Canada, including the Ming Copper-Gold Mine in Baie Verte, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

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Anyone know where to stay up to date with the communication around this stock? I often look at Twitter for news/RNS etc, but the #rmm is just full of other subjects. Thanks

There’s a good telegram group

I’ve been building a holding here over the past week, seems to be undervalued. Good copper mine going through a turn around period at a time when copper prices are booming.

What’s your plan? I have a small holding I bought on impulse without doing as much research as I normally would :man_facepalming:t3:

Rambler is a turn around opportunity with a new CEO. I’ve been increasing my holding even more since I mentioned it last week. It’s now my biggest holding. My target is 3p and I’m happy to hold for the next couple of years to get there.

I would recommend this video if you want some insight into the company and what has happened to it:

Do your own research too of course.


RMM is only available on Freetrade Plus.

Thanks for this, very interesting

Looks like share consolidation is on the cards at 100:1, which would mean a current share price of around 58p. This will be voted on at the annual general meeting on May 26th as per the RNS today.

I see it as a good thing as institutions will be more likely to invest in it. Many will avoid stocks with billions of shares in issue. The company say it’s a positive in the RNS too.

Also heard that as of today the stock is now on some other brokers such as Trading 212 which opens it up to more investors.

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The market really hasn’t liked the RNS today. There was some good things in it but they said financing will be needed and a bit of a delay getting production back up.

Ouch, that’s a hit; down 20% today already!

I didn’t sell any of mine. Would top up if I could. The financing could come from a number of sources. Placing is the first thought but then why announce that in advance and hit the share price? Loan/debt is another, as is the possibility of a deal regarding their other mines that currently aren’t operating as they’ve had offers. Just have to wait and see I guess.

I’m £10 down on £60 investment so not big numbers as I’m new to all of this and an very wary of loosing big whilst learning…however I’m seriously considering averaging down :thinking:

Interesting discussions on the PM discord chat too so thanks for putting me onto the channel

What’s the PM discord?

I’m down a substantial amount on this as I sold other investments to load up. I was up 25% a few days ago, now down 15%. It’s a paper loss and I still think RMM will perform well if held for at least a couple of years. I can’t afford to average down but I would if I had the cash.

Private matters have a link in there video to the discord server; it’s a messaging app type thing

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