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Wondering how often the data updates for stock prices? If i go to sell my position it lists a price lower than what’s being displayed on my trading software? If i sell is it right to assume that my shares will be sold for the price listed on the sell page or the actual value of the stock at the time. I’m being told by trading view which I pay for the price is risen by almost 0.8% yet the app is different, perhaps due to not updating… any ideas?

It’ll be the actual stock market price rather than the price in app

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Thanks, I hope so!

I was asking about this the other day so it will be :grin:

That link shows that the price in app is only an indication, but they’ll use the current market price


The app also tells you when was the last time prices were updated. Interestingly, it is not simultaneous for all stocks. For example, BP was updated two minutes before the screenshot was taken, whereas Aston Martin only five minutes ago:


Thanks for the replies, so quick and responsive, love this community!


hey @LGrant

As @Vlad indicated - the in app pricing is delayed by a few minutes. Our platform fetches new pricing from the CBOE exchange every two minutes and the app has some caching in place which adds extra latency. If you were to restart the app you should see data within the last two minutes.

When a trade occurs the price you get is within the bid and ask price of the London Stock Exchange and not related to the pricing data you see in app.

Hope that makes sense!


Could you please expand a little more on the CBOE exchange?

Hey @Elettric, we use the term CBOE a bit losely to refer to CBOE Europe, which is a pan-european exchange owned by CBOE, an American exchange group.

CBOE Europe is the second largest exchange in most European countries (by volume) and we use them for our live pricing data rather than the LSE. For the type of securities on our platform (highly liquid stocks) the price on the two exchanges is for all intents and purposes the same, as otherwise it would give rise to arbitrage.


Thank you very much @Rob I just learned something new!
Out of curiosity what is the advantage of using them compared to the LSE? Is it related to the European expansion?

The European expansion is definitely an element, but it is also to do with how they charge. LSE would charge us by user for the data, where as CBOE is a fixed cost. This is why lots of brokers charge for live LSE data. Given for our universe the price quality is just as good CBOE made more sense for us.


Thank you very much for the insight @Rob!!!

Why are the shares CBOE but all the ETFs LSE?

Cboe has relatively low volumes of trading in ETFs on exchange, so we found the quality of the pricing data was a bit hit or miss - for some ETFs the most recent trade might be days old. In terms of on-exchange trading LSE has much higher volumes and consequently better pricing data.

This isn’t an issue for stocks, where Cboe has good volume.