Real-time in app pricing


At the moment, I completely agree, hopefully one for the road map!

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For the ones who will use mainly end of the day basic orders this may be of no consequence. I will likely be in this group. Placing one buying trade per month in a tracker.

In the event I achieve a certain level of savings capacity and if I can associate that with an effective ability to value businesses, I may consider placing instant orders in selected stocks. Whether that will happen or not I don’t know. If and when it does, I think, fenced by my current limitations in terms of knowledge, that I would get more peace of mind if the service provides real time accuracy. It is possible, however, when and if there, I’ll find myself considering it negligible which is not my current sentiment.

Disclosure: to this day I am yet to sell anything I’ve invested in. Other than Freetrade I’ve bought the SP500. Monthly.
I don’t see me selling any of it before I die, or at least before I retire.

Costumer satisfaction is a must. That is not the same as giving the costumer everything he/she says he/she wants. But it’s about strive to provide the best service/product possible combined with an interest in educate and help with literacy.

I think Freetrade make genuine efforts to this respect, with the contribution of many other members of the community who provide information and insights I find valuable. Sometimes others have perspectives which, to some extent, differ from my own. I’m glad that is the case. A brain, a heart, a stomach, and a spine per person is what I prefer.


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I see Freetrade as an inclusive tool. In the sense it allows individuals to invest their savings without having to to pay extortionary fees and commissions. It has the potential for a great social impact for it allows for small amount savers/investors to participate in the potential long term capital gains without an excessive impact of fees and commissions on the rates of return on investments (one could argue I’m allocating, not investing, which I wouldn’t desagree with, but please stick to the spirit and not the letter for this time around).
This is why I want to be a costumer.
This is why I’m salivating for the Android app.

This is also one of the reasons I invested in round 3.
Another reason I invested in round 3 is that I wasn’t aware of Freetrade’s existence till the day I signed up for the waiting list. And believe you me I looked several times since 2016 for discount or online brokers. I would have invested in earlier rounds.

So being inclusive is one of the reasons why I invested in Freetrade. Being exclusive, on the other hand, it’s not. As an investor in Freetrade I subscribe totally to what I said as a costumer. But I don’t see the app/company being exclusive to passive investors. Active investors are welcome. Maybe there are features that can be used both by active investors and traders, and I’m sure there are. I don’t see that as a sufficient reason, nor adequate reason and so on, not to include those features. I understand, accept and support the exclusion of CFD traiding, margin accounts, etc. But live prices I think should be included. Even short selling should be included, for a short seller is a watchdog who puts his/her money where his/her convictions are, helping to prevent fraudulent behaviours and excessive prices. I don’t do it myself and I am glad there are those who do it and I thank them.

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I’ve noticed that the pricing schedule refers to free ‘live data’?


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Yes we provide live data for US stocks for free.

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Thanks for confirming Alex - should the pricing schedule read ‘live data USA’ then?


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That would make it look like there’s a charge in other places. Where live data is available it’s free