Real-time in app pricing

I’ve noticed that the pricing schedule refers to free ‘live data’?

Yes we provide live data for US stocks for free.

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Thanks for confirming Alex - should the pricing schedule read ‘live data USA’ then?

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That would make it look like there’s a charge in other places. Where live data is available it’s free

It would be helpful to see the live share price (not 15 minutes delayed) at the point of share sale or purchase

Aj Bell and Fidelity are also for investing rather than trading. They offer binding quotes pre-execution.


Thanks, so how would you use this more up to date information - what would it enable you to do that you can’t at the moment?

Hi Alex
I’d use the info to guide my decision on whether or not to go ahead with the investment. Today I thought I was buying Metro Bank at 630p but ended up paying 648p. Wouldn’t have gone ahead at the latter price as would not have matched my investment calculations.


Also the app is called Freetrade but you say you don’t want to attract traders.

There are different long term investment strategies. Some involve frequent trades. Others are for buy and hold.

Are you saying you only want people to buy and hold. Don’t think you would make much on the instant trades that way.

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Hmm, this is interesting.
Probably fall into what not to do on FT.

Just to give context on price today (future ref) I’m attaching today’s price chart.

This screenshot is from Webull app.


Yes the name’s a bit confusing :blush:

We think that, that’s generally the best strategy yes. But obviously our customers are free to use the app in whichever way they choose. It’s just worth bearing in mind that when it comes to design decisions, we’ll be making those based on what long term investors need.

Thanks for the chart. Most people that use the platform would go by the indicative price though. It would be difficult to educate all people that use the platform not to buy shares after market open on bad news, in case there is a big difference.

I would like to understand what is typical latency in executing instant orders.
Lets say in a hypothetical case where I have access to realtime data from somewhere else and I would like to place instant order on FT.

To be fair if I was just going to buy and hold I’d use an established platform and pay the £10 charge as this wouldn’t matter after 10 years.

Buying shares at a higher price than the indicated one still matters with a buy and hold approach. If there is a loss it increases the size of it or reduces the gain.

Here’s why those fees still matter -

When the sell price of Metro this morning was 690p I got a real time quote on AJ Bell and it was back down to 658p so didn’t go ahead.

Yeah but they don’t need to raise money on Crowdcube :grin:

Sounds like it could be a good idea to offer live pricing to those that need it as a paid for extra :thinking:

It would be inferesting to see if many people here would vote for it, if it came at a cost.


Just to clarify I appreciate the advantages of your service but at the moment I am testing it out. It works quite well and I will probably move more off the other platforms I have been using.

However I do have the advantage of checking live prices elsewhere, which others don’t have without a binding quote feature pre-execution.


Why would you pay £10 instead of getting it cheaper or for free?