Real-time share prices

Mainly because Fidelity is unlikely to cease trading anytime soon whereas a business start up like Freetrade is exposed to the risk that it doesn’t succeed as a business.

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If you wanted a particular price, you’d need to place a limit order (which can’t be done on Freetrade).

Freetrade is not (currently) the sort of platform for this kind of trading, and I don’t think real-time pricing would have helped you get your desired price on any platform, unless you were only buying a single share.

I just use the built in Stock App on the iPhone for all my real time needs, Why folk are wanting fee’s added to Freetrade for the exact same feature is beyond me. I’m getting the impression there’s certain people on this forum that’ll never be satisfied and just like a moan, won’t name names but I’m sure plenty know who they are

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Being resourceful helps in life, it becomes a state of mind. The glass is full = Air + Water.

It’s about simplicity - I’d happily pay for extra functionality in-app vs having to manually add all my stocks to another app and switch to that to check real time pricing.

The fella became a self made millionaire through (value) investing before turning 40 and he used Google Sheets. Although Google Finance API is not longer supported.


Give the finki ukBid and ukAsk functions a whirl…


Then change the ISIN accordingly

Consume in Google sheets with the functions shown on this page…



People are saying they want live prices to make decisions on whether they want to buy/sell shares, but surely it would make more sense to be able to decide the max/min you’re willing to buy/sell shares and if at execution time the prices of the share have fallen outside your limit then Freetrade wouldn’t execute your order and if it did fall inside then it would make the exchange.

Having live prices and executing an instant trade doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get the price displayed (difference could be pennies but point still stands) because prices are constantly changing.


True - but this is really an issue of semantics. I’d “assume” when people request a live price what they really expect is the “price I can actually execute at if I choose to”. In this instance the price displayed WOULD be the price executed at as Freetrade would (but currently doesn’t) poll the RSPs and display a current bid/offer right this moment as fed back via the trade gateway - exactly as, say, Hargreaves, do. Legally this price is usually valid for about 15 seconds just to stop/limit scalping and playing the markets… that’s why you see the 15 second timer countdown on Hargreaves website…

So, I take your point… but, I suspect most people are confusing a live price with an actually “this has legally been offered to me from the market maker via the RSP” price…


Love how they say we’re building an app for investing not trading when the name is FRee TRADE

The name is a bit of a misnomer. They’re about simple investing (impossible not to acknowledge in either AppStore) and their strapline is “own it”, not ‘trade it’. Besides, names don’t mean much these days at face value (Monzo isn’t even a real word?!) without context i.e. mission, values and ethos.

When using the app, I’ve noticed that often closing prices quoted do not match up with the true price given by Google, London Stock Exchange, WeBull etc.

I understand that during trading hours prices fluctuate so much that there will be differences and delays, but surely when the markets are closed the prices on Freetrade should match up with the real quotes.

Is there any reason for this or am I just missing something?

Apologies if this has been asked before, which I’m sure it will have been!


@engineer I just installed sheets on my phone snd tried it. Totally blown away by this. Thanks for the post!

@ Actuary92: LSE for some illiquid stocks provides mid-price as a last price. So when you check on other websites that give you either the closing auction price or the last transaction price before auction, you get different results.

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It’s times like these when you really miss live pricing!


Adding my vote for this and also adding that I would happily join Premium for this particular feature (real time prices)

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I’m on premium and am shocked it isn’t included tbh


This is being addressed by Freetrade

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Agree. Live prices should be included with premium.

Awesome, may I ask how you found this out? It’s much needed!