Real-time share prices

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“Improved share price data”


But surely the clue is in the title? The platform isn’t called FreeInvest or Invest4Free.

Simply put, this is a feature request/requirement for day traders on a platform that has term trade in it’s name and so there is a significant expectation that prices are at least accurate to the end of day.

For example: April 1st 07:37 Europe/London time. Deliveroo closed at 287.45 GBX (according to Google Finance and Yahoo Finance - though Google headline price is not tallying with the closing price which is just weird). But the app is showing their price at 331GBX which is a significant difference. This isn’t just delayed. This is just wrong.

If that is not made clear right up front then that potentially is a “missell”.

You make trades in the platform so Freetrade seems appropriate in my view. If it was called Freedaytrade I’d understand your point more


Report them to trading standards. :joy:

There’s a real cost to delivering real-time bid-ask stock price data, and they’d have to pass the cost on to customers. They already charge fees for some services – will they have to change the ‘free’ in their name too?

But seriously, I partly agree with you that many people, especially people new to stock trading, get confused when they see one price displayed and find themselves paying or receiving another. But I don’t think it’s ‘real time’ that trips up these people as much as the misleading implication that there is one price for a stock. I’d suggest that Freetrade might do a better service to educate people if they displayed a range of prices, such as the bid-ask spread or the range at which the stock has traded over the past hour, even if those were not ‘real time’.


I wonder what sort of apples one can get on an apple store, or what sort of oranges we can get from Orange…

I would also like more accurate prices displayed. However

I also think the following would be a good choice

But I’m under the impression Freetrade wants to keep things simple, hence showing the mid price. I think showing the bid/ask prices would be better


It’s mentioned on the bottom of every stock and when going to buy/sell that the price is 15mins delayed/it was last updated at X time etc

I don’t see what else FT can do to make it clear?

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I don’t think that’s a fair equivalency. It is obvious that Apple don’t sell fruit. It is not that obvious that Freetrade isn’t for trading, in fact I only really found out when I made a comment on this very forum about a year ago and got an army of regulars itching to tell me how stupid I am.

I do think it’s a fair equivalency. Companies all over the world name themselves not necessarily according to their line of business. The name of a company seldom reflects precisely and specifically what product or what service a company provides. Freetrades’ name is somewhat related to their line of business. Apple’s name is not clearly related to their lines of business. Apple’s name comes from the fruit that fell and led Isaac Newton to think of gravity. We know apple doesn’t sell fruit, but if we follow your approach, which is shared by others but not by me, we must end up demanding Apple to sell apples, Orange to sell oranges, Dove to sell doves, and so on. Makes sense?!

It’s not about being stupid or being smart, or being better or worse than the other. We have divergent views. And it so happens I’m convinced my view is common sense. And it so happens I’m convinced your view on this particular aspect is inappropriate and tiresome. And you seem convinced of the opposite. I mean no harm when I say it. We both have the right to build our own views. I this case we disagree. We both have the right to express it. I mean no offense. Having to remain silent so someone with a different view doesn’t feel offended does’t go well with freedom. So share your views, I’ll share mine, we’ll disagree on some, and one day maybe we’ll share a pint


No, absolutely not and I think that deep down, you know this doesn’t make sense either.

I took no offence. And I certainly never suggested you aren’t entiteled to your view.

I agree, which is why sarcastic comments like:
“I wonder what sort of apples one can get on an apple store, or what sort of oranges we can get from Orange…” are unhelpful to a new forum member, who, quite understandably, didn’t immediately know freetrade wasn’t trading.

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What’s your suggestion? Rename the company or add features for day traders?

Personally feel like the FT’s website has been very explicit:

LSE has made it very expensive to offer real time pricing for retail customers (~4£ per customer from what has been discussed on the forum) for the US shares the FT’s team has been very clear by saying that they have been working on bringing the quotes in the app closer to the real-time price


neither, my suggestion was more that forum regulars try to be helpful, maybe link to the info on the website, whatever. Rather than try to make the individual feel stupid.


The way I see it, if we follow this reasoning

Apple would have to sell apples only. Not only they would have to sell apples along side computers and phones and ear buds, they would have to sell only apples of various kinds

Now imagine my late grandmother who didn’t know how to read or write. She wants to buy Pippin apples. She goes in an Apple store. Does she have a fair expectation to find Pippin apples there? She does doesn’t she? Hence Apple must either change their name or pivot from technology products and services to fruit only products?! I don’t think so.

Sarcastic or not, I mean no harm to anyone. But if I do read things I consider unreasonable, I will point it out, share my disagreement and at times mock it. And I try to aim to what was said, not the person who said it so that the person understands I’m moving in the realm of ideas

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@Raul think that the issue has been put to bed already.

Looking forward to @manoadamro contributions on the forum.

Discussing the naming is a bit of rhetoric question as you have already outlined. Will lead to nowhere.

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I was attempting to contribute by improving the way we give information to new users.
Not good enough?

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sincerely hope so


:+1: :pray:

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Now you are just willfully missing the point.
Again, It’s not about whether freetrade need to change or not. it’s about how we, as regulars, provide information to new members.

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How do you suggest I respond to an argument I consider unreasonable or disingenuous?

For the sake of being clear the question is aimed at the later part of the quoted text, regarding how to provide information. It’s not sarcastic. Please bear in mind I’m not a saint nor I aim to be. I don’t mean by this your remark is unreasonable or disingenuous. I’m talking about circumstances like the one around a company’s name.

How would you have me respond to an argument I consider unreasonable or disingenuous without hurting someone’s feelings but clearly showing the flaws in the argument?

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Respond however you like, as long as your are responding to a point that’s actually being made and bare in mind that people won’t always accept whatever you say without question. We are going around in circles here, I’m not sure how else I can put my suggestion, you seem to have conviced yourself that I think Freetrade need to change their offering, this is not and never was the case.
I’ve tried to offer a suggestion on how we could improve the forum, @Raul says no, so we can all move on and live in peace.

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Not really. I was just trying to explain a point as clearly as I could within my cultural limitations.

I would love to read your story and everyone’s stories here