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I want this stock too!


little boost for this


Realty Income (O) Raises Monthly Dividend for 104th Time - December 11, 2019 - :dizzy:

**Monthly dividend raised for the 104th time!**

IMO it blows BCPT out of the water

paying monthly dividends since 1994


The PE Ratio is in the 50’s bit expensive for me but it’s got such a good track record and I’m pretty sure they tm’d the phrase “Monthly Dividend Stock”. Too rich for my blood right now but I would look for it to come down. $0.228 before div tax is pretty good. Every month!

€0.17 after tax monthly is not bad.

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Nice to see O as one of the communities top stocks for such a significant amount of time. :innocent:

An amazing company which will become a main holding in my portfolio, but it is a bit too expensive right now for me. It has been dropping a bit recently from when it reached just over $80 in October, but I’d still prefer it in the $60s with the yield over 4% before starting a position, personally.


Dividend Growth stock.
Monthly Dividends, 26 years Dividend Growth.

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Would love Realty Income (o) to be available to invest in fractionals within my Freetrade ISA in the new tax year. It’s the only stock missing that I want to invest in.


Can we please finally add this stock?

At $42 tonight. Was $82 a month ago.
Does anyone have any thoughts on Realty Income going forward taking into account current challenges ?


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Realty Income at 38 Bucks now.

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Reaslty Income please.

Apparently, an absolute rock solid Dividend Legend !

#2 on the first 250 list:


It says in the article , we would get these in the next few weeks . This was published over a month ago . When are they going to be added ?

Apparently still not yet!

Hey @TestTalker and @Ad4m - we’re working on the stock addition process right now, and we will add these around the same time as we launch fractionals - which won’t be long now.

Let us be clear, fractionals + the new US shares have been taking a bit longer than what we wished for.

That’s chiefly due to building fractionals in a way that hasn’t been done before - as you may have read, we’re building this the way that fits our plans to become a sustainable business over time (the hard way) as opposed to quickly slapping a thin veneer on top of another service. While we didn’t know about what was to come when we wrote that post at the end of February, events of the past few weeks highlighted the importance of building resilient companies.

With software engineering, it will always be the case that some deadlines may be put off for various reasons. It’s a continuous learning process, and we will continue to be as transparent as we can be. We appreciate your patience as we finish the last bits of technical work!