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At $42 tonight. Was $82 a month ago.
Does anyone have any thoughts on Realty Income going forward taking into account current challenges ?


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Realty Income at 38 Bucks now.

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Reaslty Income please.

Apparently, an absolute rock solid Dividend Legend !

#2 on the first 250 list:


It says in the article , we would get these in the next few weeks . This was published over a month ago . When are they going to be added ?

Apparently still not yet!

Hey @TestTalker and @Ad4m - we’re working on the stock addition process right now, and we will add these around the same time as we launch fractionals - which won’t be long now.

Let us be clear, fractionals + the new US shares have been taking a bit longer than what we wished for.

That’s chiefly due to building fractionals in a way that hasn’t been done before - as you may have read, we’re building this the way that fits our plans to become a sustainable business over time (the hard way) as opposed to quickly slapping a thin veneer on top of another service. While we didn’t know about what was to come when we wrote that post at the end of February, events of the past few weeks highlighted the importance of building resilient companies.

With software engineering, it will always be the case that some deadlines may be put off for various reasons. It’s a continuous learning process, and we will continue to be as transparent as we can be. We appreciate your patience as we finish the last bits of technical work!


Thank you for the update @viktor . So what is the likely updated timeline for these two updates (fractionals and more stocks).

Our pleasure, Tom, and we appreciate your patience.

We foresee the next number of weeks as needed to finalise this work. We wish we could give a more exact timeline, but it’s as accurate as it can get at this very moment. The team is on it - we want to see this in the wild as much as our community does.

I would rather wait for long term quality and solid foundations :+1:t3:
It may be because my investing strategy is fairly simple but Freetrade serves my strategy very well as it is now (long term buy and hold / re-invest dividends when received straight away with zero fee instant orders). Still looking forward to all the cherries :cherries: on top and fireworks :sparkler: though !


Thanks for letting us know, @Viktor.
Keep up the good work :clinking_glasses:

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Hi @Viktor, FreeTrade and Co.

Acquiring quality stocks (such as Realty Income) on your platform should really be a priority.

I can personally give you a bit of feedback - it’s the reason why i still have an HL account as well as FreeTrade.

For example, due to the current volatile situation, i was able to put in a quick FIll or Kill order on HL for Realty Income.

Immediatly when the NYSE opened at 14:30 today, It hit the record all-time low of £36.90 a share. I managed to snap up 9 of these for £347.43 within seconds just as the price jumped back up to £40.

A lot of FreeTraders have missed out … so it’d be great if i could get ‘O’ stock commision free on the FT platform.

Two things to take home here:

  • Some investors are prepared to pay a premum (commision fee) for Fill or Kill order functionality to capture great discounts when markets open. (The deal i got more than outweighed the Free commsion fee).

  • As you capture Millenials and newbie investors, the availability of cheaper poor quality stock (LLOY, LGEN) and their losses on these could see them shying away from investing altogether. FT would want to keep customers long term by offering quality premium stock to encourage safe, long-term growth.

Keep up the Great Service though - ST x.


Not quite the record all-time low :wink:

Thanks for this! Yes, it is a priority, and we are adding a 250 of them just to start, including O.

Limit orders are a priority as well - they are a mid-term feature on the roadmap.

Thanks for your kind words and patience in the meantime.

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Why has this not been added already? It’s one of the biggest and most popular REITs out there. This should be added ASAP!


Because its inclusion, the same as that of any other US stocks in the future, is connected to the broader technical work we do around US fractional shares. As you’d imagine, we want to have this on the app as much as you do, and I’m personally keen to invest (capital at risk).

We’ll add it and 249 other stocks as soon as we physically can. We are talking weeks, not months.


Will O be ISA eligible when it is released ?

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Hi Viktor I really hope you guys can chuck in (VectolQ Acquisition Corp. VTIQ) it will become NIKOLA MOTORS which will be direct competition to TESLA and even better as they do Trucks and much more so they will be 1st to change truck industry and now its early stage so its super cheap before they merge fully you will not regret adding this it will change future please consider adding this stock. Thank you

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