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A quick update that Realty Income is now available in your ISA.

We have started making progress on REITs in ISAs. Thanks everyone for bearing with us.


Amazing news

Thank you.

Excellent news!

Awesome thank you Viktor. I know I’ve been on your case about this a lot this year and to be honest before a few months ago I was looking at moving my ISA to a rival next year. The recent changes you’ve made across the board recently have made me definitely reevaluate that now so thank you.

Hopefully see some more additions soon Store, Stag, FRT and the datacentres Equinix and Digital Realty and also the UK REITs in the ISA too. Thanks again


Have been looking at this for a while as they pay monthly dividend and i think that it would be good add on to my investment portfolio

It was a popular community request before it was added. They have weathered the covid downturn quite well too so I’m slowly building a position in this although for a similar amount I get better dividends from other stocks. It’s there for a bit of diversification in my portfolio.


You would need a lot in to get a decent dividend income

Is there any stock this doesn’t apply to though? The majority of people investing in REIT’s I presume are doing so for passive income over time, and averaging in to build a large holding and eventually earn a strong dividend payment

that’s is the case with any dividend reit or company in general. In realty income case it still has about 20$ to go back to pre pandemic levels as well! concidering they buying more properties and managing their debt very well i would say its a good investment

10,000£ will get you about 37£ a month

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and from there we all can start the snowball effect.

@Richard Realty Income currently at $68

How many days into a new month does it take for any Realty Income dividends to arrive in your Freetrade account?

The ex dividend date is usually the last day of the month, and the payment date is the 15th of the next month (unless it’s a weekend)

$O are spinning out a recent acquisition into a new company, Orion Office REIT, with one share of Orion being allocated per 10 shares of O held and any fractions paid out as cash.

How will Freetrade handle this? Will Orion be listed?


Sooo the pay date was the 15 if I’m not mistaken, how long does it take to get your dividends?
Any advice is appreciated

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Theres normally a few days delay from the actual date

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Very odd, all other brokerages pay in date, isn’t hard for them to do this. Will be a capital issue, haven’t paid apple dividend either.