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Hi, fortunately, you are wrong here.

  1. I just received this payment in my German brokerage account which is with one of the biggest legacy brokers there. So most don’t pay on the date.
  2. If you suggest Freetrade uses our dividends as money for company purposes, that’s very incorrect slander.

Hi @Windaes :ocean:

The dividend processing system is something the Freetrade team have said they’re looking at improving but it all comes down to engineering time. So far there are more important priorities including EU stocks and Crypto.

I’m not saying they use our money, but brokerages pay dividend on issue date with their own capital is what I meant. Not that they use our money. Hope this clears that up.

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Oh okay so it’s not just me that hasn’t been payed yet? Starting to get a little restless

It’s only this month and not just this dividend, I’m guessing something on has held it up in the system… needs improved so it doesn’t happen in the future but it’s not a huge deal.

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Payment date was a week ago, still not got mine - is it just held up or was it rolled into that Orion office REIT spin off does anyone know?

What has freetrade said in-app?

Missing dividend here also.
FT have told me they are still waiting to recieve it.

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Mine came in today along with another from the 15th Nov.

Just had mine today too