Recurring Orders

I believe that for many SIPP account holders, a salary sacrifice is a convenient option for making pension contributions that they may not have planned to make from their personal accounts. However, the new recurring orders feature would be much more helpful if it allowed the SIPP cash balance to be selected as the funding source. Therefore, I strongly encourage you to consider implementing this option to benefit your customers.

Hey @Senthil, the new Recurring Order feature allows you to setup one Recurring Order per account, each one of these will take funds from your respective account’s cash balance. That means that if you have a SIPP you can setup a SIPP recurring order which will take your SIPP cash balance.

At the same time you may have a separate Orders with different distributions and schedules for your ISA and GIA if you wish to do so.

I think that should cover what you’re trying to do if not be sure to let us know :+1:

So at the weekend standing order set for sat 22nd of the month arrived in account on monday morning recurring order set for the day after standing order from bank then fsils ad the were actioned on 23rd or early on 24th before market opens will this happen every weekend or do i need to have a longer delay between standing order and the recurring order.

At what time do these orders execute?

I have one for today which doesn’t appear to have executed and is listing the next one to occur next Monday (31st).