Recurring trades using set interval

(Kam) #1

It would be awesome to see a feature whereby you could schedule a recurring trade e.g. Buy £100 of S&P 500 a month using a Basic order.

It would be good to have the following intervals:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

This would let someone like myself who wants to trade using the ‘dollar-cost averaging’ technique to hedge any volatility in the market.

What does everyone think? :smiley:


Yes! You have my :ballot_box: I’m all for the “set and forget” approach…

(Rob Nicholson) #3

Great idea! It would be good to set it up and then have a notification of when you’ve bought each week/month and the share price paid etc - so you don’t completely forget about it…

(Luke Bebbington) #4

Brilliant. Would be v useful

(Josh Bruce) #5

Totally agree with this :heart_eyes_cat: