Refer a Friend Free Share - what's the highest value share anyone has received?

What’s the highest value free mystery share anyone has received under the “refer a friend” programme? It says max value is $200 but wondering what most people are getting :slight_smile:
I got Edinburgh Dragon worth £4.03 :slight_smile:

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K a z M i n e r a l s £ 3 . 9 0

This guy did well recently:


@Viktor Any clues to the highest share being released into the wild this week? :crossed_fingers:

Got BBA aviation as my freeshare gift Big thank you for my gift share Freetrade.

Got £SFV as my free share gift - thank you FT😊



The second tab of the Google sheet here appers to list all the stocks that are eligable for the refer a friend scheme. The top value ones at the time of posting are:

Name Short Description Asset Class Long exchange Value
Netflix Streaming video EQUITY NASDAQ:NFLX £226.71
Adobe Photoshop EQUITY NASDAQ:ADBE £220.64
Mastercard Credit cards EQUITY NYSE:MA £219.76
Intuit Accounting software EQUITY NASDAQ:INTU £214.19
UnitedHealth Healthcare EQUITY NYSE:UNH £176.61
Tesla Electric cars EQUITY NASDAQ:TSLA £204.91

True, thanks for using the spreadsheet!

We usually end up giving Tesla though. Once we did Netflix. We want to do Alphabet in the coming weeks, if the batch is big enough.


Cigarette Lighter Adapters PLC - I believe they’re trading at £0.02 per share

Troll! :slight_smile: