Refer a friend: Incentivised Free Shares feedback 💸

I’m in the same boat but on the Monzo community site. I think the plan is once it’s out of beta it will be multi-use.

I’ve also had at least 16 clicks on my link… although maybe no one converted, here’s my referral link again :sweat_smile:

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This time it worked :partying_face:


Love the idea of this, genuinely got excited until I clicked through to find out no Android version yet.

Appreciate this is being worked on and is hopefully only a couple of days away, but I wanted to share my thoughts on this.

For major features, fixes or anything with dependencies I get doing iOS first - I know it’s quicker and easier to build for. However, where there’s monetary value to be gained by the user, I don’t think this is fair and you alienate people as result. Development aside, I think you should be working towards aligning roll out plans for future non-critical features such as this.

I’m looking forward to the update anyhow.


@Viktor Promises promises…Oh the agony! :confounded::sneezing_face:

@Rat_au_van your post makes v my little :snowflake: :heartbeat: melt with sadness!

Ps. I am not really upset by any favouritism towards the :apple: One day we shall rise :robot:

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We’ve just shipped the Android version and we’re are preparing to test it as I’m writing this. :speedboat:

The Discover screen’s trends and prices shipped on your Android app first, plus we’re testing the new Insights tab in the Android app now - we want to give some love to our Android users!


If I got someone to create an account but they haven’t funded it yet can I still refer them for free shares?

No, that doesn’t work. It has to be someone who doesn’t have an account yet.

I mentioned this yesterday to a few of the team.

Consider curating the free-share list so that the most controversial companies are excluded. While every company offends someone somewhere, I think you’d be safe excluding tobacco, alcohol, gambling, and defence stocks.


It’s already a curated list! :+1: We’ll share it for transparency, but we don’t want to spoil the surprise for now. :wink:


Maybe add Manchester United stock to that list for any Man City fans :wink:


Is it possible to get a new link before they have deposited?
Someone has used my link to create an account but they haven’t topped up yet. Can I get a new link in the mean time? Please and thank you of course


In the same position myself. Link’s been used but no top-up yet. We all like the idea of a free share, but some may not realise a top-up is necessary.

I’ve made the mistake of mentioning the referral scheme to too many people already :grimacing:.

Have 4 people waiting for me to get a new referral link now!

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I’d like to know whether this is possible as well :slight_smile:

Hi Surprisingly , there is one freeshare Queued up in the activity feed and when i clicked the FREETRADE share queued order ,the FT app is closing automatically . Iam on Android.

We’ll check this out.

It is*, and we’ll send a new round of passes to as many testers as we can by the end of this week or beginning next to continue this testing / learning process. Thanks for everyone’s help!

*As a caveat, when the feature goes live in earnest, if your referred friends don’t top up or even worse, they churn (i.e. cash out and don’t use their account), you’ll see less and less free shares passes popping up or they might disappear completely. We are in test mode right now and very keen to see how our investor community use it, but this is a logic we had in mind even before we started developing the feature.

On the flipside, if your referred friends stick around, you’ll see passes pop up faster.


I think the free shares page should clearly show whether the pass has been claimed.

If it has been claimed, then alongside the current form show another button or another form letting the person register their intention to wait, perhaps something like let me know when the free share refreshes(?).

This would make it obvious how many people intend to wait, and it will reduce the chances of people feeling like they lost out just because they accessed the link too late.

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I’m sorry you encountered this issue. This has been fixed in the next app update. Thank you for reporting it!