Refer a friend: Incentivised Free Shares feedback 💸

And for us Android users?!

The Android version will be ready this week! :boom:


I feel abused as an Android user! I am a :snowflake: and deserve equality even if it is impossible! Votes for Android! #iamandroid

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We’re looking to test the experience until we are satisfied it’s ready for mainstream consumption. This is a non-trivial feature that may take some time to optimise.

If you invest any amount in R5 tomorrow, you’ll be in the beta tester group for this feature. :+1:

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Come on, Android users deserve it. And we’ll do our best - we’ve started to test some features on Android first. :slight_smile:


:robot: & :apple: are friends! :couple:


Ps. I genuinely have no idea what # means! :laughing:


I don’t think anyone does :joy: :rofl:


Really like this page instead of wondering if they’ve signed up or not

All the in app things say they only need to top up but in this thread it says invest. Which is it?


Top up.

We’ll fix it, thanks a lot!


Hi My referral link is
but when i click on it , it says password protected ,is it normal ?

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Hmm the rest of the link looks ok but it should start with so it looks like something strange has happened there.

The link does work if you add api. back into the URL but it would be good to know how you ended up with that bit missing.

Could you drop us a message in the app so that we can get some more details?

Is it ok to share online?


Please do :smiley:

Thanks Alex, for sorting this , when i clicked on refer link in Android app , its opens up Brave browser and this page opens up without API. in the beginning.

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@alex.s the referral link I received, can it be shared with multiple people? If yes then are they all going to get free shares (and me as well for each of those referral) once they complete the funding ?

It can be shared with multiple people but only used once. So whoever uses it first will get the free share :running_woman:

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Would the second person get an error or sign up but then not receive a free share?


When they follow the link, it will say the link has already been redeemed. Happened to us when my partner first opened the link on the laptop and then tried again on the phone.

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Thanks, we’re struggling to replicate that, do you have any additional settings enabled that might be trying to remove anything that looks ad related by any chance?

I’d rather just have one link I can share, otherwise I can only share with one person at a time or if I do share it online, only one person will get to use it and everyone else would be frustrated. Seems to work against sharing it with friends a bit as I can just do one at a time, but not a huge deal I guess. I just had a look in the app and seem to see a different link now from the one I got at first, so not sure what is going on there.

Out of interest, why did you choose this method? Was it to protect against some sort of scam overusing links, or for some other reason?