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Hi, would you be able to add Marketsflow please? It’s a new scientific investing platform

MarketsFlow uses an advanced set of Machine Learning and AI to plan, build, execute and manage client portfolios.

They have recently rolled out accessible accounts allowing you to invest from as little as £10 instead of the usual industry minimum investments of £10k+.

Also they will give you a bonus of up to 1.25% on any deposits you make within the first 3 weeks

Also, any news on adding TransferWise and Azimo? Thanks

Can’t see Revolut on Share your referral links here topic, see if you can add it.

Feel free to use my code to register on Revolut and get signing bonus and free card!G10D21

Hey Guys, would it be possible to add TopCashback into this?

Please add:


Revolut is a multi-currency challenger bank and perfect travel card.

We both get a £15 bonus each when you sign up, top up, verify your identity and make your first physical card purchase.!a10121 - Valid indefinitely

@sampoullain any news on Marketsflow and TransferWise? Do you need more info before posting them? Cheers

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Hey guys, Also please check out Real vision content. They interview amazing macro economists and also talk about upcoming trends. Netflix of Finance

Check some sample videos here:


Anyone need an N26 account? :bank:

£5 (from N26) + £10 Amazon voucher, PM me for info.

Hey guys, wanted to share with you Mailing list called the Hustle. Loads good and fresh information on tech and latest trends Also acquisitions and other cool stuff!

Go make a killing!


Cleo - A saving app, similar to Plum / Chip.

Get £5 when you get a wallet with promo code: cleo-6uSUNI.

Hi @sampoullain, can you add Wealthify to the referral page please? Anyone that uses a referral code will get £50 when they invest £500

I’ve been meaning to test it, so hit me up.

Everyone, thanks for keeping referral links to DMs and dedicated threads. :pray:

Have you tried the Karma app? Similar to Too Good To Go. Free £5 credit. :slight_smile:

It’s totally free and you can help the environment by rescuing delicious unsold food for half the price! When you signup you get £5 to start rescuing food, great huh? :heart_eyes:

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Similar to TransferWise. Register and make your first transfer of £50 or more and get free £15* (usually £10). *offer ends 20th Dec 2019.


Hey @sampoullain I’m new here, but will stay for life :). Any chance you can add my 200£ free share referral link to the locked post?


Also any new user seeing this in due time, please feel free to use it :slight_smile:

Thank you!

I don’t believe I can edit yet any of the wiki post.
Any chance you can enable this @sampoullain for my account?

Hey Dan, your referral link is one-time use only, so best would be if you sent it to a friend of yours you want to sign up!

Also, the free shares you get with your referrals will range in value up to £200 per share, with a floor of typically £3. The probability is weighted so more expensive shares will be rarer - good luck!

Free £20 sign up bonus with Monese with code KAIBI869 after making your first transaction.

Save up to £45 with gift card purchases. Pay £35, for £50 worth of gift card. Pay £70, for £100 worth of gift card. More info here.

Feel free to share your referral link in the following thread