Refferal hesitancy

Hey guys, i was just wondering whether anyone else has difficulty in trying to get people to sign up when using freetrade refferal codes?
Ive only managed to get a couple of ppl to sign up as they think the refferal could be a scam.
Obviously its easier with people you know very well, as they trust you. But trying to get aquaintances or just “online friends” to sign up is difficult.
Anyone got any tips or tricks that they use?

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Looking at my list, I’ve referred several hundred people to Freetrade, and I’d guess that around 50% have made their first deposit.

It’s probably normal for people to be hesitant about handing over their personal information or hard earned cash. Especially if they aren’t too familiar with buying and selling shares, and more so if your recommendation is the first they have heard of Freetrade.

One thing you’ll probably notice is that eventually some of those accounts will come through and make their first deposit. If they are/become interested in investing, they’ll probably hear about FT again sooner or later, and at that point they’re likely to discover that account they set up and forgot about.

When I started getting properly into crypto back in 2016/17, I tried recommending it to friends but basically people ignored it. It was confusion, mainly. Many people didn’t understand the idea that your money can work for you. I did show my gains occasionally, and talked about it in person regularly – especially if another person in the friend group was interested too. Naturally, the others became curious as they could hear our enthusiasm. Eventually other friends became increasingly interested and set up wallets/accounts/etc with my help. These days they talk about it all the time, often giving advice/suggestions to me too. (It was a rough year after the crash though :sweat_smile:)

So I guess maybe showing some evidence of your gains and helping them to understand why you are so enthusiastic about investing could help. Don’t push it though, it’s better to let people to do things at their own pace, even if you feel like they could be better off by listening to your advice.

Good luck!


So true, everyone I know who has clicked the link tells me the page looks more like a Scamming Website / Page than an offer for trading with shares, Etc.

Personally, I feel the landing page people land on to enter their phone number could be designed a lot better than it is at the moment.

I mean, people have been engaging when it comes to trading, until i offer them my referral link and they see the page,. I never hear from them again and i feel as though these people now believe me to be some sort of Scammer.

So disappointing and a Re-Design would be nice, or a option to choose or design our own referral link pages?