Registering new shares

Hey guys, excited to have received my new share certificate from the most recent crowdfunding round. How do I add this to my existing holding on Capdesk? Should I tell Capdesk or will Freetrade automatically share this with Capdesk later on? Thanks

Capdesk was updated automatically for me

Quick explanation of capdesk please. Advantages, costs etc. Thanks :+1:

It’s just what freetrade use to document and register their own shareholders. They don’t really use it for updates etc as I imagine that would be duplicating everywhere else. Mine has updated automatically. @Louisbella, did you maybe change your email or something? Worth asking in-app if it hasn’t appeared.

Thanks @AdamL. I used the same email but there was one extra word used in my address between the new and old form. This might be the issue. I’ll ask in app thanks.