REIT dividends in ISAs

I’ve contacted freetrade support who have said that they are no currently setup operationally to handle the dividend payments made by UK REITs into ISAs. To me, this makes no sense as if you’re developing a feature for your app/broker you would include the basic stuff before even shipping it. This being said the team said they would work on getting this feature out in the future given there is enough demand for it. I am posting this thread to gauge an idea of how many people would actually like for them to add this.

Me, I would be interested. In fact I did not know that.

There was a thread made last year but it looks like it only got 5 votes

Thanks for the post, I’ve read both threads. So at present, we can buy REITs from ISA accounts but we do not get any dividends from them, is that right?

I mean UK REITs.

I was under the impression that UK ones are unavailable in ISA all together.
Hopefully support can give you a clearer answer