REITs in ISA and more US REITs

I was checking the road map and there no longer appears to be any mention of the plans to get REITs in the ISA wrapper that was mentioned before. Is this no longer on the action plans? I know some of Freetrade rival platforms do it so it’s not a limitation issue. Is this still being looked at?

Also are there any plans for some of the bigger US based REITs that are still missing on Freetrade Realty Income Corp, FRT?


@Viktor is it possible for some clarification please

This was in Viktor’s latest email:

“Starting next week, we’ll take a break from adding stocks weekly, and we’ll work on adding community requests that pose more technical or operational complexity.”

So I’m guessing REITs, Nationality Declaration stocks and US REITs in ISAs are all covered under the complexity banner.

Guessing and assuming isn’t ideal though. It’s a bit worrying that they’ve completely ignored multiple posts and questions in regards to these topics recently. Not normally a good sign to go with the assumption even if we can’t get a quick clarification. Literally would take the right person 2 mins to update us all.


Spot on, poor communication


I completely agree. I was only trying to give you as much information as I had. I would still rather have an actual statement saying:

“We are now working on ‘x’ with planned delivery dates of ‘x’.”

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@Viktor / @sampoullain it’s been over a month since we heard anything on this - could you or someone from the Freetrade team give an update on this topic one way or the other? Please :slightly_smiling_face: