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I was just wondering when REITs will become available in ISAs?

I want to add them to help diversify my portfolio but would like them within my ISA account to take advantage of the tax wrapper etc.


I doubt that will happen at all given the current tax laws.

I hold REITs in various ISAs with various platforms. So it is possible.

You can find £BCPT, £IWDP, £TRY and £IUKP which are property trusts in Freetrade. Are they not available in an ISA?

I don’t really understand your point, but if those stocks are not available in a Freetrade ISA them I am again stumped.

They all give you property exposure but none of those you list are technically REITs.

IUKP and IWDP are ETFs, no? Irish domiciled, UK listed etc…etc… all the key components to make them ISA compliant.

TRY is an IT… again meeting all the requirements to be ISA’able

BCPT I’m unsure of it’s legal status off the top of my head…probably classified simplier to a close ended investment trust…but either way should be ISA’able, no?

Yes as FinKi mentioned, REITs are available in ISAs with other brokers.

(By the way thanks for the FinKi API it’s amazing ! :grinning:)

Although Fulforce Joe highlighted some other funds that are available in the ISA and that could give exposure to property I really would like to hold some of the REITs currently only listed in the basic account.

As it seems to be an issue with REITs and not property funds in general I was just wondering when ones like LAND/ BLND will become available in the ISA. I don’t know if the team is already working on this or not hence the question about timing.

I do understand the team have a lot going on, but I think this would be greatly appreciated by all ISA users especially as REITs are such a headache themselves regarding tax returns etc.

Btw thanks for all the responses, I appreciate every one of them! :+1:

In which case @finki sorry, I’ve completely misunderstood a REIT. I wrongly assumed that those Property ETF’s were essentially the same thing