[Request] 1847 Goedeker Inc - (GOED)

Goedeker is an E-commerce company in the household appliances and furniture market. They are merging with appliances connection - whose CEO has a great track record of growth. I think the power of a forward thinking and innovative CEO cannot be understated here. With this merger they are looking to overtake this space and become the biggest e-commerce appliances distributer in the U.S. They are currently opening distribution centres at multiple sites in the U.S to form the foundation of this growth.

This is an opportunity to get in early on a company with big ambitions, an increasing market share and an experienced management team with a history of rapid growth.

When the Fouerti brothers founded Appliances Connection they placed a premium on a beginning-to-end process from the comfort of your home. Anything you bought was delivered to you, installed, and your old appliance was taken away. There are only a handful of companies which offer this type of service in the market - AJ Madison who are not publicly traded, Appliances connection and Goedeker. Hence two of the three major players are about to combine their might and market share.

Current valuations suggest this has great potential as a long hold as they undergo this transformation.

I would like to second this request. The stock is listed on NYSE American.