[Request] Advance Energy (ADV)

Hi @Viktor any chance we could add advance energy epic adv
This stock will complete a reverse takeover and will be a £25 mill market cap powerhouse. Massive prospects here with a great board of directors.

I assume you mean Advance Energy, so I’ve edited the title of your post to reflect that. Rest assured that the team views these requests; there’s really no need to tag individuals in stock request posts.

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18% up today. Some serious moves

£600k in volume traded today. Freetrade could do worse than adding this stock

Doesn’t seem to be any discussion about this share which i find strange.

It was involved in an rto monday and is an oil explorer.

It had 2 broker notes in the last 2 days with 8p and 12p price targets. It currently sits at 2.5p

Yesterday it had massive trade volumes and was 18% up.

Keep your eyes on it.

What makes you say undervalued? (out of interest)
as in, why those price targets?

I don’t know about you but the man is called Mr Rich and is a supreme trader :joy: That’s all I need to know, I’m in :+1:


Thats why…its at 2.5p and there 2 broker notes saying 12p and 8p target price

That was my feeble attempt at sparking a discussion. my appologies. :man_shrugging:

I don’t see it on Freetrade

its not on freetrade yet

If that is the case then surely a stock request should of been the right route :joy:

There is another thread with a stock request. Should have gone specsavers