[Request] Alpine 4 Technologies (ALPP)

Gets my vote. I have a small amount of ALPP on T212 but love it on Freetrade to get in my ISA. ALPP has had big gains already with a bit of a pull back recently but I believe it still has potential for plenty of growth based on what I’ve seen from the Infant Investors YouTube channel (he’s recently rebranded to PreeMarket).

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Yes please Freetrade! Get them on!

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Add Alpine 4 Holdings.

will soon be on the NASDAQ and has by far the best fundamentals on the entire OTC market.

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This seems like a good pick, why is this still not on added on FT??

Please add Alpine 4 holdings, jts a up and coming stock, going to be on the NASDAQ soon

This can be added soon its uplisted now.

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Please add!

I currently hold this on to 212, Would really appreciate if you could add it on Freetrade now that it’s on NASDAQ!


how many votes does it need?

Alpine 4 Technologies is now on NASDAQ how long before we see it on free trade ?

hopefully available to all not just plus members


Now this is NASDAQ I’d love to see it pop up for all on Freetrade so I can switch it from T212 to my ISA and keep adding.


It would be great if this could be added.

Your wish is a Freetrade command …

… well it will be in a few hours or so. They create a discussion topic just ahead of it going live in the app.

Here you go @LelandGConstitution :wink: