[Request] ARK ETFs

Can we please get these ETF’s on free trade, please?

any updates on these ETF’S @Viktor. i’m opening a SIPP account and would be amazing if I could get these ETF’S on there.
IG has these ETF’s on their account

No. There’s no KIID so its not available to UK retail investors

But you can buy most of the components individually (apparently).

Someone may have mentioned this before, but I think once we have the “auto-invest” pies in Freetrade, you could easily mirror the funds (obviously you’d have to rebalance manually). Maybe they could have some pre-made ones too.

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I agree we need ArkG on Freetrade ASAP !!



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Agree we need this


Can we please have different ETFs provided by Ark Invest.

If you search for Ark in the forum you will see it can’t be added

But you can scroll through the underlying securities and see if anything looks interesting, link here

'FinKi - Project Noah - ARK

… I’ve purchased a lot of the underlying securities of ARKK, ARKF and ARKG as the general “themes” are logical, long-term growth plays

Then take a look at any ETFs that hold similar stocks… for example, Teladoc…

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I notice other brokers have a “pie” to simulate investing in these kinds of inaccessible ETFs. Quite a good workaround.