[Request] Ark Genomic revolution ETF

Can we get $ARKG please! (Ark genomic revolution ETF)

Unfortunately not as they don’t have a KIID. Lots of threads about ARK in the forum already in case you want to have a deeper read into the issues.

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This is a US ETF and does not meet the regulatory requirements for UK retail investors so isnt available to us. As @EuanG mentioned it needs to be UCITS compliant and have a KIID, so these are the key things to look for to see if its likely allowed for UK investors.

There’s also like a dozen threads on these funds :smile:

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iShares Healthcare Innovation UCITS ETF USD (Acc) (GBP) DRDR has a bit of overlap like CRISPR if you want an EU ETF.



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@Eden @AdamL you have a level of tolerance that I simply don’t possess :+1:

‘But ‘X’ has it’
‘But Brexit changes things…’
‘But here’s the KIID’
(See new YouTube video)
(Ask again)


:joy: I was hoping someone would make a bot/standard response:

Hi there, it looks like you’ve requested a US ETF! :crazy_face:

Thank you !