[Request] - ARK Innovation ETF - ARKK - [NON COMPLIANT]

I feel for anyone who brought the headlines with this fund. For every 1% the S&P500 / Nasdaq rose ARKK dropped by 1%.


“It’s not so much about me and my promise. It’s about allocating capital to God’s creation in the most innovative and creative way possible.”

@NeilB It is interesting to go down the time line of this topic. The Fund peaked on 11 Feb. The thread went into radio silence mode after 123 messages on 14 Feb. 7 Aug @Cameron notes the haemorrhage with the funny observation that someone is proposing an inverse fund that bets against everything that ARKK buys.

Of course she personally benefited and has a net worth of c. $250 million. I can only hope that many of the people clamouring on this thread for ARK funds have learnt a thing or two and if they haven’t they should read


Try searching the forum. Lots of threads on this topic.
In short: not possible

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Hello and welcome.

You’ve requested an ETF that is currently not available to investors in the UK.

This is because a KIID document is not provided, which means it doesn’t comply with regulations in this country.

A friendly suggestion is to use the search function (at the top of the screen) before requesting a stock in the future, as you can see, what you’re requesting has been covered quite a few times already…

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Be nice, its his first post :joy:. Welcome @benlight90 Great suggestion but not possible at the moment.


Riiiight. Had not searched as yet, simply just followed prompts from the in-app chat. The UK should rip up that regulation. I’ve been earning great returns from ARK’s funds via an Australian trading account.


You’ll not find leverage backed securities on :freetrade: from one of the earliest pitches the founder stated they were against the more exotic instruments. Options being the other main one.

Don’t think they are leveraged? it says 1:1

The objective of the LS ARKG Genomic Tracker ETP is to track the ARKG Genomic Tracker
Investment Strategy, (the ‘Investment Strategy’) which is designed to provide 1:1 exposure to the
performance of ARK Genomic Revolution ETF (the “Reference Asset”), minus a fee

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Sorry say the weblink and was lazy …

request for ARK ETFs



Another+ 1 for ARK ETF’s - I know more than a few people who would jump at this.

These aren’t available to UK retail investors and so Freetrade won’t be adding them.

Where do you hold these ETFs? For example, ARKW does not offer a KIID so is not available for addition to Freetrade.

That’s right - I recently wrote to them and they replied as below. Unfortunately, none of their ETF stable is UK accessible yet…

“ARK is aware of the new EU requirements. Currently, we do not have a KIID, however, we are working with outside counsel to analyze European regulation. We will update you when we’ve come to a resolution. We are sorry for the inconvenience and hope to provide more clarity to European investors in the near future.”

If you bought it before the regulations kicked in, you can still hold it, receive dividends and sell it with legacy brokers. Just not buy it.

I wasn’t aware of the EU change in rules.