[Request] - ARK Innovation ETF - ARKK - [NON COMPLIANT]


Cathie Wood, Ark Investment Management founder and chief executive officer, discusses her expectations for future returns and the woulda-could-shoulda moments in her career.

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What are peoples interests in ARKK anyway? Is it just because its hyped up and has good returns? Because if its based on returns ARKK isn’t as good as other UK available options.

PensionCraft just published an interesting video on ARK funds including a UK investor angle (alternatives and replication).


Worth a watch. One thing with Cathy Wood she can pick winners, you could take a few picks from across the range of funds and build yourself a well weighted diversified portfolio. You could do a lot worse

Good watch, really balanced review

Someone just posted in one of my WhatsApp groups the below is there any truth in this or has he got things muddled up, I had seen that Arkk was designated as UCITS compliant a few days ago though as already mentioned in here as well.

“FYI for all the UK folks we are now able to buy US ETFs like ARKK/G, QYLD, VTI etc as “non professional investors” based on IBKRs definition … all as a result of Brexit apparently”

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It’s something to do with this new Financial Services Bill going through at the moment but there’s too many long words for me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




Gets my vote👍


You’ll need to vote to get the law changed then! Because it wont be available otherwise

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Please add all the ARKs, I want to let Cathie take the wheel

As has been mentioned. These are US ETFs, you can’t access them as a retail investor unless the law is changed.

The stake app lets you access ark funds - only catch need to have min $30 k portfolio

You can invest in US funds if you meets the requirements to be considered a professional investor.

It’s a bit more than that!

Source: Legal | Stake

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Pie investing could be a good workaround for this. has Freetrade got it in the roadmap?

Yes they’ve said autopilot is on the roadmap.

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awesome news. Any clue on the timeline?