[Request] - ARK Innovation ETF - ARKK - [NON COMPLIANT]

These aren’t available to UK retail investors and so Freetrade won’t be adding them.

Where do you hold these ETFs? For example, ARKW does not offer a KIID so is not available for addition to Freetrade.

That’s right - I recently wrote to them and they replied as below. Unfortunately, none of their ETF stable is UK accessible yet…

“ARK is aware of the new EU requirements. Currently, we do not have a KIID, however, we are working with outside counsel to analyze European regulation. We will update you when we’ve come to a resolution. We are sorry for the inconvenience and hope to provide more clarity to European investors in the near future.”

If you bought it before the regulations kicked in, you can still hold it, receive dividends and sell it with legacy brokers. Just not buy it.

I wasn’t aware of the EU change in rules.


Can we please get these ETF’s on free trade, please?

any updates on these ETF’S @Viktor. i’m opening a SIPP account and would be amazing if I could get these ETF’S on there.
IG has these ETF’s on their account

No. There’s no KIID so its not available to UK retail investors

But you can buy most of the components individually (apparently).

Someone may have mentioned this before, but I think once we have the “auto-invest” pies in Freetrade, you could easily mirror the funds (obviously you’d have to rebalance manually). Maybe they could have some pre-made ones too.


I agree we need ArkG on Freetrade ASAP !!



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Agree we need this


Can we please have different ETFs provided by Ark Invest.

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If you search for Ark in the forum you will see it can’t be added

I would be interested in ARK “pies” as a workaround.


At the moment I am buying ARK else where. I do not know how they work around the KIID issue, but they clearly do. I would love to trade ARK at FreeTrade and it would be enough to tip me over the edge to upgrade my account. Please reconsider adding them.


Etoro right? You’d need to check the fine print but I get the feeling your not buying the actual stock but an Un-leveraged CFD or similar setup as they simply cannot sell you ARK ETFs as a retail investor.

Unless the government change the law or ark provide the right documentation you won’t get access to it. Well unless you have have a million in investments.

I find the fascination with this ETF curious I must admit.


i rate this guy, very sensible and level headed, he’s made a couple of videos on ARK recently, definitely worth checking out!


Eden’s point wasn’t that he wanted access to the documents (the ARK site has all the documents available to retail customers). He was stressing that, when he wrote his message, ARK ETF’s could not be sold in the UK to retail customers. ETF’s cannot be sold to retail investors in the UK if they don’t comply with the relevant regulations that UCITS designated ETF’s signify. That designation requires those documents.

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