[Request] ARK Space Exploration ETF

  • Type:Active Equity
  • Typical # of Holdings:30-50
  • Inception:Aug. 2018
  • Portfolio Manager:Catherine Wood
  • Analyst:Sam Korus
    Tasha Keeney

Strategy Description

This actively managed equity strategy seeks long-term capital growth by investing in domestic and foreign equity securities of companies focused on space exploration. What used to be a monopolistic and bureaucratic industry is being upended by both rocket and satellite cost declines. As a result of advancements within deep learning, mobile connectivity, sensors, 3D printing, and robotics, decades of ballooning costs have reversed trend and are beginning to decline, leading to a proliferation of satellite launches and rocket landings.

Hi, welcome to the forum. The ARK ETFs are a popular request but unfortunately they are not currently available in the UK due to not have a KiiD.

There are a lot of topics on this if you’d like to search for more details.


Hi, can I suggest that you send an email to ARK Invest directly as I have done as the more requests they get the more likely they are to undertake the required regulation.


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