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UPDATED 14.12.2019 with more news articles and links added

Since posting this stock request BLINK seems to be making positive ground if you read the articles below


BLINK Broker forecasts below for next 12 months

Remember when BP bought Chargemaster ? See link below


The Blink network connects more than 15,000 charging stations across the United States giving EV drivers the ability to charge their electric cars wherever they live, work, and play.

As a Blink host location you don’t buy our equipment but rather become a partner with us to be an EV charging station provider. A host Blink partnership offers flexible business models. We work with our property partners to help design a program that fits your needs.

With Blink EV drivers can feel good about going green.


Blink is among the largest owner/operators of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in the United States

Founded in 2009 Blink is dedicated to slowing climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions caused by transportation. The company is a driving force in the EV industry paving the way for the growth and adoption of electric vehicles.

Blink partners with smart businesses & property owners to be on the forefront of this green energy revolution by installing EV charging stations that attract EV drivers and support sustainability, making your location EV-friendly.

With the big boom in EV this could be a nice LONG hold if we could get it.