[Request] Credit Default Swap Indexes

New at this so don’t know if this makes sense but… request for Credit Default Swap indexes to invest in - various CDX indices etc.

Hi @Op1994 welxome to the forum.

Stock requests need to be for a specific instrument. Asking for access to CDO’s in general isn’t what this is meant for. If you know of any instruments with their symbol you can request that.

Cheers for the response @NeilB :slight_smile: So where i think i’m a little confused is whether there are securities for investing in the demand for Credit Default Swaps… if such a thing exists?

If there are bond funds to invest in, surely there are securities for backing bond defaults too right? The main issue is im having difficulty finding anything like this on Yahoo finance, Finviz etc.

Examples of index names that I believe may relate to this kind of thing are CDX.EM, CDX.NA.IG, LCDX. I do not know if these are the actual ticker symbols however.

I hope that makes some form of sense. All help appreciated :smile: