[Request] Digital Brands Group Inc (DBGI)

Please can you add $DBGI, amazing business with fantastic potential and expected to report an amazing earnings report on the 16th of Aug.

A lot of catalysts due in Fall 2021, since they will be announcing brands coming on board which are already listed on Amazon Marketplace.

Digital Brands Group CEO Hil Davis said, “We expect to see improved operating results in the second quarter and significantly improved operating results in the third and fourth quarters of 2021 now that we have sufficient cash and inventory to support expected levels of operations.”

Davis added, “We expect the second quarter to be better than the first quarter, with the bulk of the post-IPO benefit coming in the third quarter and going forward as the inventory is 100% in stock, the marketing strategy is in full force and Bailey-44 wholesale shipments are back to pre-pandemic levels."

Huge earnings expected for the company which should be better than the previous quarter.