[Request] DMY Technology Group III (DMYI)

DMYI is in discussion with IONQ.

Who are a leading quantum computing company that specialises in ion trap devices. These are the most accurate of all the quantum computing architectures.

It would be great to be able to invest in this SPAC given the potential returns of the future stock.

Disclosure: I am a research scientist at a uk quantum software firm and respect what IONQ do a lot.

I am happy to answer peoples questions on the wider quantum computing industry.

Just bought - thanks for flagging Nathan.
A bit of background here, old but still a quick, interesting read:

No worries. Here is their most recent paper. It is the biggest correlated molecule ever studied on a quantum computer.

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That was beyond me, to be honest, but I think I may now be in a ‘coherent superposition’ :slight_smile:

Here is the official press release IonQ To Become The First Publicly Traded Pure-Play Quantum Computing Company

How to you buy your position @philby

@smartzone Had to buy on T212 as not on FT at the time…
DMYI not there but DMYD is…

I hope freetrade can get this one. Quantum computing is the future.

Very keen to see this added so as to invest in ionQ as a future of quantum computing!

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Doing good things past 24 hours, never mind past month. Anyone else into this?