Request : EU Stocks Volkswagon

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Is there a reason you’ve chosen to flood the forum with 4 of the same post with slightly different titles?

In the future please

  • search to check if they’ve been requested before, if so voting snd commenting on there will do more than a new thread
  • If they have have not been requested create the thread for each stock with the ticker and the reason you want to see it. Getting others to vote will highlight the listing to the FT team.
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I made a single post for all of them, then realised there are guidelines which ask you to post in a manner which can be voted one by one by the members for the team to decide which ones are popular and need to be added on priority. SO I did not change my main first post, but copied each across per share so people can vote if they choose to with one header per share(Keeping the body same)
I thought I did create now one per ticker for voting. Let me know if any of them do not seem OK?
Thank you for the suggestion to check past posts, I did find a couple of them on search; the visibility of threads is a bit patchy though; the search easily brings those up quick