[Request] Franklin FTSE India UCITS ETF

IE00BHZRQZ17 ticker frin, lower fee than ishare msci India

Not much love for that ETF out there in “commission free” world


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Hi finki, is there a reason for the lack of love? Available on HL, ajbell

30 seconds of looking I’d say :

Very , very thin volumes through the market. So lack of liquidity.

Only 2 market makers on the book - Commerz and Susquhanna - neither of which are often bothered with arrangements with “smaller” players. You won’t find those Market Makers in any current FT disclosures… Execution venues

Ooo I like this tool! This is impressive.

Muchas Gracias

Phew! Since i’m not a professional dev this nearly broke me. It physically hurt to make this. Took me about 2 weeks and about 5 programming languages … pray it doesn’t crash otherwise I will honestly fall down crying in a corner…

But I thought it was useful

Seeing stock availability ‘live’ is key - across multiple platforms.

It’s kinda an arms race between brokers for the latest stocks… so this can help you to see your options

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Well done on this @finki :slight_smile:

Merci Merci