[Request] Frontier Acquisition Corp

Frontier Acquisition Corp (FRONU)

This is a SPAC led by Christian Angermayer (“the next Elon Musk”). His main company Apeiron Investment Group is a company that assists and advises many companies who want to IPO. The majority of the companies he has assisted with the IPO has been a great success.

Christian Angermayer is also the founder of Atai Life Sciences. It has been confirmed that Atai Life Sciences raised $157 million in a series D financing round, led by Angermayer and Thiel Capital, the investment firm backed by a tech billionaire, Peter Thiel, co-founder of companies, PayPal and Facebook, and founder of Palantir. The theory here is that Atai Life Sciences will be going public via FRONU.

What is more interesting is that Atai Life Sciences has been investing in 30-40 small biotech companies and holding control over these small companies.

Also, Atai Life Sciences has made a deal with another company, IGXT. This company is currently listed on OTC. Atai has granted IGXT a secured loan of US$2,000,000, and with the agreement that IGXT will use all their reasonable efforts to list its Shares on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

If the merge between Atai and FRONU takes place, it’s a possibility that all the companies Atai has been investing and holding control of are likely to go public with this merger. Either way, the profits the small companies accumulate will benefit Atai in the future.

This is a summary about FRONU, please do your own due diligence (DD).

FreeTrade please list this stock on your platform. Both FRONU and IGXT.

More about Atai and IGXT:


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Kindly request you to add another SPAC to the platform.


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