[Request 👋] Fundsmith Equity T ACC

One of the top funds that actually beat the market. Worth adding it on at some point!


Mutual funds are not on the roadmap :frowning: good fund though!

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As Harry mentioned we don’t offer mutual funds at the moment. I’ll leave this topic open as you never know what the future might hold but adding them isn’t yet on our roadmap either.

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Perhaps a close alternative from the same brand is SSON, Smithson Investment Trust.

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Would be great to get them on the platform

Terry Smith is a genius!

This is a much needed ETF for the platform. Will really drive traffic towards the app.

Please please please add to the platform.

Popular ETF with stellar annualised return. Will really help grow your user base exponentially!

EDIT: I mean fund!

They are not an ETF are they? The funds are actively managed. But agree its funds do have strong numbers.

Just as an fyi it probably won’t make it on as it’s an oeic.


Interesting article, personally I don’t think a broker should restrict what funds if offers, but instead it should be unbiased and offer all types of funds, no matter if it’s passive, or active, open ended or close ended.

It’s their business, they can run it as they see fit. I don’t think Freetrade has to be all things to all men, if they don’t want to be.

As with everything that we want adding to the platform, voting at the top, or voting with your feet (wallet) is the best way to apply pressure.

This fund :v:t3: Pretty much everything I’d want to invest in, inside one package.