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GameStop Corp. (more known simply as GameStop) is an American video game, consumer electronics, and wireless services retailer. The company is headquartered in Grapevine, Texas, United States, a suburb of Dallas, and operates 7,267 retail stores throughout the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.[3] The company’s retail stores primarily operate under the GameStop, EB Games, ThinkGeek, and Micromania brands.

In addition to retail stores, GameStop also owns Game Informer, a video game magazine; Simply Mac, an Apple products reseller; and Spring Mobile, an AT&T wireless reseller.

Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GameStop
Google Finance: https://www.google.com/search?q=NYSE:GME&tbm=fin#scso=_p44vXMe6MM2N1fAPoKKRiAM2:0

Gamestop would be very good to have especially before the new generation of consoles are released.

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This is a company that I really want to invest in, Would be amazing to have this on Freetrade!

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I cant see any reason to invest in this stock. It looks like its dying

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GameStop Corp.

I’m fairly sure this company is dead. Might see a bounce when next-gen consoles arrive at the end of the year?

I’m not confident in them as a business, but from what I heard they apparently have a stupidly high dividend yield which if true would make it very tempting…

You heard wrong.

They still spent money on share buybacks after this, not that it helped.

Damn that sucks but oh well.

Good company to short but that’s it. They’re way too far gone, bit like pizza express. That huge debt pile and they’ve suddenly binned off promos and increased prices. Wow, they actually are similar thinking about it.

Gamestop could potentially be a good investment as the PlayStation 5 is set for release later later this year

I reckon that’s already priced in and that’s a terrible prospect.

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I agree it’s priced in. I bought shares last year on the prospect of next gen sales and sold at the end of the year for a small profit. GME is a zombie

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