[Request] Holicity Inc (HOL) - Astra Merger

HOL - As soon as possible!

SPAC which will take Astra (rocket company) public.

Undervalued company when compared to Virgin Galactic.


Needs to be added asap as spiked up today near $18, Astra - startup rocket company, potential for huge gains.

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Guys @sampoullain and @Viktor please make dreams come true.

We have requested this stock from our US execution partner earlier this week, will do our best!



Sammmmm your a legend man

What you mean Tuesday when it rocketed 51%, better late than never!

HOL - Holicity Inc. Please add to the platform.

Sam you beautiful human being any update from the US broker?

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Any update? :eyes:

Take me to the moon pls. Anytime soon?

Any update?

Add please

Keen on this as well, any updates?