[Request] HydrogenOne Capital Fund IPO (HGEN)

HydrogenOne is a unique opportunity for investment exposure to hydrogen themes in world-wide markets, both in listed companies and in private positions. We believe that this complex growth theme needs a specialist approach. Our team has deep experience in the energy sector and financial markets, to add value for our investors.
Due to list on the London Stock Exchange on the 27th July, 2021.

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Would be great to see this listed on day of release.


Just invest in Plug Power, Hyzon, FCEL, Bloom, and/or Ballard. I personally am in Plug power, which seems the most Apple-like of the whole bunch. The share price receded after a record high in January but has good backers so I am sure it will go up again. earnings coming up in two weeks. Hyzon is cool: making hydrogen trucks, see it as the good version of Nikola. FCEL. trading very cheap but reduced income so might be taken over in the future. Bloom and Ballard: industrial applications but Ballard is partly owned by Chinese investors so that might put you off,