[request] iShares Green Bond Index Fund (IE00BD5GZQ41)

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The short answer is no. The longer and slightly nicer answer is that a stock request thread is for a single instrument. This matters because the vote count helps :freetrade: staff gauge demand. Having more than one may seem like a tiny thing, but it may as well be a whole category or all the stocks. Regardless, it’s not helpful.

Please create a separate request thread for each instrument. It would help to state clearly both the ticker symbol and the full instrument name in the thread title. No one should have to make the effort to add this for you. To be blunt, the onus is on you to make the effort if you want an instrument added.

Again, welcome. No ill will is intended. It just gets a little frustrating to have to do point this out every time. It’s not entirely your fault, as the forum doesn’t tell you its unwritten rules.

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Thanks for the advice and for letting me know! Hopefully the correct changes are reflected in my request above now! :slight_smile: