[Request] Kodal Minerals (KOD)

Kidal Minerals has just announced a collaboration agreement with Chinese engineering firm Sinohydro to work on the company’s Bougouni lithium project in southern Mali.

1.I think that the Freetrade community would want to have a chance to invest in this promising project given that the value shot up after the announcement.

2.Given that Freetrade is the only platform actually trying to create and care for its community of investors, it would be great to have a way to help people like me who wants to be activists investors, a way for us to band together and influence companies through the might of our collective share ownership.

Mali is the country where I was born. So I know the resources will acquired and developed whether I invest or not. However, if FreetTrade could connect me to like minded investors and provide with the tools to take and enforce collective decisions (e.g. request a level of Corporate Responsibility, guarantee a level of respect for the local environment and population etc.)

I do think it would make the platform stand out from the competition and attract many more investors to the platform. Although money matters, many people need more than that. A good example is the national lottery. Many people are happy to play and lose because they know that part of their money will have a positive impact on society. I don’t like gambling so I’m not making that kind of comparison with investing. It is a great demonstration of the point I’m trying to make though.

KOD-AGM-Presentation-August-2020_update (1).pdf (2.0 MB)

I agree with some of the sentiments but point 2 would seem difficult to implement/unworkable. I have not checked but I would confidently guess the vast majority of public companies have less than 50% retail ownership, even the smaller ones.

They seem to be listed as Kodal on the AIM. Lots of interest in AIM miners on here normally.

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Yes of course, but the purpose is not to control the company, which would require over 50% ownership, but influence it. I can’t think of any activist investors being individuals or organisations such as edge fund doing so through majority stakeholders.


Hi all.

Newbie here, but Kodal Minerals is one I’ve went for with recent developments they’ve announced. Anyone got any insight or advice?

No advice, but I also have a position on it. Great future potential, imo.

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Anyone know what news caused the jump today?

Many stocks of lithium mines jumped today, but I didn’t detect any special reason.

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